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We have partnered with OneTreePlanted to offset carbon emissions for all of our deliveries by planting a tree with every order.



I brought this for camping when using the shower. No need to take your clean clothes in and trying to get dressed in a damp room. Dignity in tact walking back 😁. Very light weight so when wet it doesn't take long to dry unlike the towelling versions. Which is a big thumbs up for camping.



Got this a week ago for a holiday. It’s very warm coming out of the sea and great to change under. Warm but light fabric and like that it’s made from sustainable material. Like the camp print too as my bf can also use it.


As I'm running out of things at home I'm trying to be more environmentally conscious and purchase products which are better for the environment.
One of these was cotton buds. I ordered it on Monday and it had arrived by Wednesday which was a lot faster than I was expecting.



Bought this as a birthday present for a work colleague who was very surprised and pleased with the gift. Despite delays with a third party courier, the customer service at SUUSCO was impeccable throughout.

Happy Customer


Looking forward to taking it on holiday!

Leanne Harrison


Looks lovely with air plant in my bathroom

Leanne Harrison

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