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"The Good Fight" 100% Organic Cotton Bandana | Design By Estudio Miopia

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We searched wide and far to find the ultimate bandanas which match the Suusco values of sustainability and supporting social good and Bandits Bandanas were the winners on every count. 

This unisex bandana is made from 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified & Sustainably Sourced in India).

The bandana was designed by husband and wife, Gus and Carol, who's attention was brought to the current, cultural and political climate in their home country, Brazil.

In recent years, Brazil has experienced what many would call an economic, political, social, and environmental crisis.

There is a lot of tension within the country due to intolerance, income inequality, and distrust of the government .

In "The Good Fight," Miopia interprets the inherent danger, amidst the current Brazilian climate, of lending a hand to your neighbor.

They show that the real Outlaws are those that can reach out, in the face of dangerous consequences, to create a more peaceful and understanding world.  

The bandana is a symbol of hope and respect.

The bandana is large in size and can therefore be worn in a variety of different styles and is the ultimate weapon in accessorising your look. 

Artist: Estudio Miopia (São Paulo, Brazil).

Hand wash and air dry.

Measurement: 21’’ x 21"