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"Such Is Life" 100% Organic Cotton Bandana | Design By Faye Pannell

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We searched far and wide to find the ultimate bandanas which match the Suusco values of sustainability and supporting social good and Bandits Bandanas were the winners on every count. 

This unisex bandana is made from 100% organic cotton (GOTS certified & Sustainably Sourced in India).

The design was created by illustrator Faye Pannell who is the founder of Blackmane Supply Co. Faye's work is inspired by the landscape of Australia. 

Rumour has it, "such is life" were the last words of Ned Kelly, Australia's most famous bushranger. A bushranger was an outlaw that robbed coaches and lived off the land during the 1800's Australian Gold Rush. As time passed, the bushrangers became national symbols or rebellion and individuality. 

Faye says that this design is her interpretation of an outlaw's life in the bush.

The earthy tones represent the unique beauty of Australia.

The bandana is large in size and can therefore be worn in a variety of different styles and is the ultimate weapon in accessorising your look. 

Artist: Faye Pannell (Perth, Australia)

Hand wash and air dry.

Measurement: 21’’ x 21" 

Please note due to COVID we are unable to accept return on this item.