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About us

Suusco started in February 2021 as a side project between friends and has gradually grown. We are building from the ground up and this means that we are able to curate the shopper journey to suit our larger goals towards delivering environmental benefits and social good.

Essentially, Suusco is a new shopping destination focussed on curating ranges of sustainable, and eco-friendly products which you can't find anywhere else and match our passions of alternative culture, great design and the great outdoors.

From the humble and often overlooked bandana, to the Boho cool of vintage mexican blankets and everything in between, we hope that our customers enjoy the site and come back again and share any feedback.

As consumers ourselves we found it hard to find certain products which matched our tastes and struggled to come to terms with the dominance and monopolisation of online shopping by the marketplace behemoths which felt at odds with our values.

We wanted to share our own tastes and when we find stuff that other people liked, to build relationships with brands that we felt matched our values. We hope you enjoy what you find here!

Our Initiatives

We aim to balance out the journeys that goods do take by tree planting and our commitment is to plant a tree for each order which has delivered over 1000 trees in our first year of business.

Our commitment is to reduce the amount of packaging used in sending out goods, to ensure we use recyclable materials and longer term we hope to be able to collect unwanted cardboard and re-use. 

We aim in the longer term to be able to remove as much as we deliver with each delivery, enabling our customers to de-clutter and recycle goods.


Suusco has big plans but most of all we want to support innovative brands who share our vision and provide them with a platform and reach through paid and organic media.

For more details on how we work please contact:  

Brand New Second Hand

Our values are based around the idea of a circular economy where existing goods are up-cycled and we will also be introducing ways for sellers to list ‘brand new’ second hand goods. 

These will be clearly labelled and whilst they may not meet the values we strive for with new products, offering these unwanted items a place where they can find a new home, reduces the demand for new manufacturing. 


We are looking to work with local charitable organisations who are focussed on environmental causes. 

If you work for a charity or know someone that does then we’d love to have a chat around how we can support.

Please contact: