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The controversial Netflix documentary everyone’s talking about... 'Seaspiracy'

The controversial Netflix documentary everyone’s talking about... 'Seaspiracy'

The new controversial Netflix documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ has gained a lot of attention since its launch a couple of weeks ago.

Seaspiracy was directed and narrated by Ali Tabrizi, a British filmmaker who was determined to find out why our oceans are in so much trouble. The documentary questions just how sustainable seafood really is, the effect commercial fishing is having on our oceans and whether or not ‘Dolphin Safe’ labels are as reliable as we expect them to be.

Seaspiracy claims that the ocean is home to nearly 95% of all life and by 2048 our oceans could be completely fishless. According to ‘Medium’, this is due to overfishing, pollution, habitat loss and climate change.

So, what can we do to protect our oceans?

The documentary concludes that we should stop eating fish completely - this isn’t always an option. However, cutting down on fish is a great start.

There are also a variety of different charities and organisations that we can support including; The Ocean Clean Up, Ghost Diving and Sea Shepherd. All of which help to protect our oceans.

Take action and sign relevant petitions, we have listed a few for you:

Ban bottom trawling in UK waters

Ban single use plastics and the unnecessary use of plastic packaging

Create a network of ocean sanctuaries across our blue planet

Lastly, ensure you stay up-to-date and educated on sustainable issues around the World. Follow us on Instagram @suuscoltd for more info.

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