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Low Waste Easter Gift Ideas

Low Waste Easter Gift Ideas

Easter is an important holiday that is celebrated by many people all over the World. It is a time for giving and appreciating - gifts are often exchanged and alongside this comes a lot of waste.

We have put together our favourite, low waste gift ideas to help you celebrate the festival as sustainably as possible.

First and foremost, we need to try and avoid plastic and unfortunately this means cutting down on the Easter eggs! According to Jo Swinson, 5 out of 9 brands use more than 30g of plastic to wrap a single egg - Lindt are the worst for it!

So, what are some great low waste alternatives to Easter eggs?


  1. Second hand toys: this helps to reduce waste and extend the toy’s lifecycle - giving them a new home.
  2. Money: do we even need to elaborate?!
  3. Beeswax crayons: these are much more sustainable than regular crayons. Beeswax crayons are natural and non-toxic - they do not contain any coal, petroleum or shale oil and of course are lots of fun for the little ones.
  4. Art pads: these will go nicely with the beeswax crayons. Try to look for art pads/colouring books made from 100% recycled paper.
  5. Baked treats: a thoughtful and yummy gift that will help get rid of some of the ingredients, shoved at the back of your cupboards! To keep the treats fresh, they can be wrapped in our sustainable food wraps.

food wraps


If you are going to be wrapping gifts, ensure you use zero waste gift wrap as it is much better for the environment and remember, to create a sustainable environment, we need lots of people to take their first steps rather than, a small amount of people doing in perfectly.

If you can think of any other low/zero waste gift ideas share them with us over on our Facebook and Instagram, we’d love to hear them.

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