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Eco-Friendly Yoga Equipment Swaps

Eco-Friendly Yoga Equipment Swaps

Yoga is an excellent pastime to help improve your well-being. It can help you to maintain your physical fitness, including your strength and flexibility, as well as your emotional wellness. Yoga involves careful breathing and matching your breath to your movements, making it a meditative practice that can benefit you in multiple ways.

You don't need much to do yoga, but it does help to have a few things to make your experience more comfortable. A mat, a bag to carry it in, and the right clothes can help you to get started. If you're interested in sustainable products, you might find some of the typical options for yoga a little lacking. But you can swap them out for more eco-friendly alternatives.

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Get a Cork Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are most often made from foam, giving you a springy surface that helps to protect your hands, knees, and feet. These foam mats are usually made from PVC, otherwise known as vinyl or various types of plastic. If you want an alternative that's better for the planet, you can explore a few options. One of the best choices is a cork yoga mat, which still gives you a soft and supportive surface but is made from a material that comes from a sustainable source. Cork is completely natural, and it's renewable and biodegradable too, plus provides good grip.

Switch Your Yoga Mat Bag for One with Recycled Lining

Once you have the yoga mat, you need something to carry it in. Yoga mat bags can be made from various materials, but why not consider a bag from TORRAIN Recycled Bags that is made with 100% recycled lining. The lining is made using plastic bottles and the bag itself is big enough to fit thicker yoga mats. It even has a front pocket for any extra bits and pieces, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap and side ventilation to keep it breathable too.

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Swap a Foam Roller for a Cork Roller

Foam rollers and other yoga equipment such as blocks can be useful for certain moves when you need extra support. A roller is also great to use if you have back problems and pain, helping you to stretch out your back. It's also great for runners, especially if you have an ITB injury and need to massage and stretch out your leg. Instead of a foam roller, a cork roller provides a sustainable alternative. Cork is antimicrobial so helps you to stay hygienic when you're exercising.

Use a Reusable Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is essential when you're doing yoga, especially when doing a more active form of yoga or hot yoga. Instead of buying a plastic bottle of water every time you go to a yoga class, make sure you have a reusable water bottle. You can use a stainless steel bottle again and again thanks to its durability.

Swap out your yoga equipment for more eco-friendly alternatives and you can enjoy the benefits of yoga while making greener choices.


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