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Soundscape Studio

Macy is the designer behind the awesome and innovative products Soundscape Studio offer. Macy is a freelance graphic designer and has played the piano for over 10 years.
The idea  for Soundscapes came to her whilst she was watching a DJ mix music, there was an incredible light show that was timed perfectly to change with every new sound. Macy was inspired and decided to make a Valentine's Day gift for her wife, to help her understand the love she had for music and why it was so important to her.
After making one design Macy was completely hooked and loved how it turned out, since then Macy has gone on to make many art prints inspired by music.
The Soundscape Studio collection features art prints inspired by the following songs: Wonderwall, Bohemian Rhapsody, Here Comes The Sun, Skinny Love and Paranoid Android.
The music art prints are the perfect gift for an instrument player or a family / friend with a love for music.

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