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Plastic Free July - What is It? How can you participate?

Plastic Free July - What is It? How can you participate?

I’m sure you have seen Plastic Free July posts all over social media, perhaps you wondered what it was all about? We have put this blog together to help you not only understand but also take part in the challenge!

single use plastic bottle by beach

Plastic Free July is a key initiative set out by the Plastic Free Foundation, an independent, non-profit charity aiming to cut down plastic waste and eventually see a world free of plastic. The movement started out in Western Australia but is now one of the most influential environmental campaigns in the World!

The team behind Plastic Free July challenges us all to cut down on our plastic waste for a whole month. Start small, maybe invest in a reusable water bottle rather than using single-use disposable bottles. Have some fun and see how creative you can get when it comes to finding more environmentally friendly alternatives to everyday, single-use, plastic items.

As long as we all remove single-use plastics in some form, it will benefit the environment. We know it can be tricky and frankly quite overwhelming when it comes to starting. That’s why we have put together a list of items and tips that will help you reduce plastic waste one step at a time:

Vegan Leather Lunch Bag - have you ever noticed when you buy lunch out it tends to come packaged in single-use plastics? These plastics end up in landfill sites, oceans and the sides of roads, not only damaging our environment but also our marine life, wildlife and our health. This Vegan leather lunch bag from Leave No Trace is perfect for carrying around lunch that you can prepare at home before your day starts! It is sophisticated, aesthetic and practical.

Reusable and Portable Straw - when you’re out, refuse plastic straws and take your own reusable one. This one from The Last Co is available in three stunning colours; coral, charcoal and mint. It is the perfect extendable straw to take on a night out!

All-Purpose Cleanser - 100% Natural - Unscented - the majority of cleaning products tend to come in plastic bottles which are evidently bad for the environment. They also contain lots of harmful chemicals that cause water pollution, air pollution, health problems and more. By switching to a 100% natural cleaner, you avoid adding to these problems. The packet is also compostable - meaning it is quite literally zero waste!

Many fruits and vegetables come wrapped in single-use plastics. Some big supermarkets have made an attempt to reduce this waste although it is still a problem for many. Opt for the plastic-free alternatives. Or, take your own Organic Produce Bag with you.

Does this sound like something that you would like to participate in? If so, then sign up for the Plastic Free July challenge and encourage others to also do so!
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