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Re-usable Nappies

Did you know? Disposable nappies are responsible for up to 4% of waste landfilled by the borough. This waste is expensive to dispose of and increases landfill, which contributes significantly to global warming.

That modern reusable nappies are very similar to disposables and as convenient to use.

There is no need to use pins as they have 'velcro', poppers or ties to keep them in place.

Modern cotton reusable nappies may be healthier for your baby and can save you a substantial amount of money.

A wide variety of cloth nappies are now available with cute, colourful designs.

Find out more about reusable nappy products at www.suusco.com and watch our vlog about sustainable baby products.


Fin out more about nappies waste and how we can help here: 

London Borough of Richmond upon Thames


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