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Wooden Designer Milk Crate - Classic Browser - Record Storage

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£49.99 - £49.99
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The products designed by WAAM Industries are inspired by vintage finds & utilitarian objects.

These milk crates are made from high-density birch plywood and are perfect for  collectors. They can be flipped, packed and stacked and are perfect for showing off your prize rare LP record collection. 

Birch trees are a fast-growing species native to northeastern Europe. The cutting down of the trees causes minimal devastation or destruction of biodiversity because of the speed of growth, this makes it a very sustainable material to use.

These stylish, trendy and multi-functional milk crates can be used to store a variety of different things including, records, children's toys, books and magazines.

Material: High-density birch plywood, satin clear-coat finish.

Measurements: 13.6"l x 8.5"w x 8.38"h