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Watermelon Wishes Bracelet - Moonbeam Collection

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Looking for a gift for a loved one? Or perhaps you're trying to expand your jewellery collection? This 'Watermelon Wishes' handmade bracelet is perfect for absolutely anyone, it can be worn alone or styled with different bracelets from the same Moonstone collection. The different coloured beads add personality and character making the bracelet gorgeous. The stones work nicely together and make the bracelet a very sentimental gift.

What the stones mean/represent:

Rhodolite Inspiration (Chakra: Root)

A crystal of inspiration and creativity, Rhodolite encourages compassion, self-worth and personal growth.


Moonstone Intuition (Chakra: Third Eye)

Attuned to the energy of the moon, Moonstone is known to stabilize emotions, decrease stress, and enhance intuition.

Amazonite Inner Peace (Chakra: Throat)
Soothes the spirit and calms the soul Amazonite promotes clarity and self-love.

Colours: Mint, Pink, Clear, Silver, Cream Cord