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Vie Naturals Thai Kapok Neck Cushion, Bone, Blue

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  • PERFECT DESIGN - Each pillow has a beautiful patterned cover and comes in different colours to choose from.
  • MULTI-USE - Use your pillow wherever you are, and whenever you need that extra comfort and support.
  • ULTIMATE SUPPORT - This pillow is specially designed to provide support to the core muscles of your head, neck and back.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED - Its durability, ease of handling and unique organic materials provide ample opportunity for relaxation time.
  • QUALITY MATERIALS - Provides elasticity for an extra soft rest and ultimate comfort. It does not retain heat, keeping you cool.

Thai Kapok Neck Cushion, Bone, 33x15x11cm. Kapok is a light, hypoallergenic plant fibre that creates a characteristic firm and supportive quality. The ideal homestyle accessory, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This versatile product can be utilised in a multitude of uses. Whether you are sitting in bed or on an armchair watching tv, reading a book, or at the office, it supports you without losing its firmness or shape. The curved shape helps to ease muscle stiffness and relieves neck and shoulder pain, and it supports proper sleeping positions. Kapok filled products are much admired for their stability and durability.