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Vie Gourmet Coconut Bowls Hand Painted, Lacquered, Set of 2, Heart

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  • UNIQUE AND PREMIUM HANDMADE BOWLS - Fancy coconut bowls with an interior lacquered coating, each bowl is an art.
  • ORGANIC SERVING BOWL - The organic coconut bowl is made from natural coconut, it contains zero synthetic materials and is free of plastics.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS - The natural beauty of coconut bowls with lacquer art adds a unique rustic and tropical charm to your home.
  • DURABLE & EASY TO CARE - The hardness of natural coconut shell makes the bowl last for use in a long time.
  • HANDMADE PRODUCT - Every item is handmade in ethical condition and harmony with nature, weaved with the traditional manual techniques.

       Coconut Bowls Hand Painted, Lacquered, Set of 2. These beautiful bowls are handmade from natural coconut shells. Every coconut shell is different in shape and size. Your lacquer coconut serving bowl is a unique handcraft masterpiece. The bowls can be used as a decorative item, to store jewellery and accessories or as a serving bowl for snacks and nibbles. Care: Easy to clean with soap and water but should not be used in the microwave or dishwasher.