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Recycled Beach Cleaner's Knife

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This functional, beach cleaning pocket knife from Waterhaul has been created using 100% recycled Cornish gill nets. These nets are known to be the most dangerous form of ghost nets, this is because they are hard to spot under water and entanglement often occurs. By taking these nets out of the water and reusing them we are helping our marine life.
The green ‘seaglass’ colouration of the knife is entirely derived from the original netting and has no additional pigments or dyes.

Product details:

Blade Length: 61 mm

Simple frame-lock system

Made in Italy by precision knife makers

2.5 mm thick W 1.4034 stainless steel

50 mm serrated section for slicing through thickness ropes, nets and lines

By purchasing this product you will be supporting the delivery of PlaNET Action, the Waterhaul education program.