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Magnetic Planter Pot - Riptide

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£13.99 - £13.99
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This mini magnetic planter is great for adding personality and character to any room, simply fill it with your favourite air plant, succulent cuttings, or dried flowers to wow your guests! Can we also take a moment to appreciate the beautiful, design and colours?!

The magnet comes in very handy and allows you to hold your shopping lists, appointment notices and to-do's!

The planter magnet is made from wood, it has an open end at the bottom to allow flower clippings and dried floral stems to hang below. The wood structure does not hold soil or water. To water living plants, remove them and gently spray/water them.

Handmade with birch and pine wood. Super-strong steel magnet on back.

Measurements: 11 7/8" wide x 2 1/2" tall