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Coconut Bowl With Reclaimed Wooden Spoon Single Set (Geometric Pattern)

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This Boho style, leaf pattern coconut bowl from Jungle Culture originates from the tropical Bên Tre region in Southern Vietnam.

For years now, many of the local farmers have relied on coconuts to make a sufficient income. They would sell products made from the contents, i.e. coconut oils and milks. However, once harvested, the coconut shells ended up being burned in order to make way for new crops. By purchasing these Jungle Culture coconut shell bowls, you are helping to provide the local farmers with a secondary income, as well as preventing more coconuts and trees being burned as waste.

Each up-cycled, handmade coconut bowl has been ethically sourced in Vietnam. They are also etched with an intricate and stunning pattern.

Please note, size and shape may vary slightly due to each coconut shell being completely unique, we think this gives your bowl a more personal feel.

Also, due to the natural material, this set will need a little more love and care than a regular bowl and spoon set.

The bowls and matching spoons are perfect for making smoothie bowls, breakfast bowls, açai bowls, healthy salad bowls and almost any other yummy meal you can think of! We recommend hand washing with warm, soapy water and drying with a cloth. Do not put them in the dishwasher or microwave as this may damage them.

Product details:
BPA free

No chemicals or pesticides are used to grow the coconuts

Vegan friendly


What's included?
x 1 Patterned Coconut Bowl
x 1 Hand Carved Ebony Wooden Spoon


100% natural coconut shell


Bowl (W14cm x H7cm) Spoon (L19cm x W3cm)