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2oz Sea Salt Chocolate Bar - Bonnie Collection (70% cacao)

Got a sweet tooth? This organic chocolate bar designed for the salted chocolate enthusiasts from FINE & RAW is exactly what you need! 

The chocolate is vegan and gluten free! The cacao has also been responsibly sourced, what more could you possibly want?!

Why organic chocolate?

Most chocolate is made using two vital ingredients, sugar and cacao. Unfortunately, regular chocolate tends to use sugar and cacao that are grown with the aid of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides. These chemicals have been linked to many health problems for farmers and environmental problems. The chemicals leech into the soil and water, affecting plant and animal life.

Organic chocolate means that the sugar and cacao are grown without these chemicals, making it a much healthier option for the working farmers, environment and the people eating the chocolate! 

Purchasing organic chocolate helps support these alternative means of production.

Ingredients: Organic cacao bean, organic coconut sugar, organic cacao butter, sea salt.

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