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16oz Sumatra Organic Coffee - Medium Roast

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Located in the northern tip of Sumatra, are the Gayo Highlands - a well-known coffee-growing region.

Indonesian coffee is often associated with its earthy qualities however, this organic, Gayo, Gold blend has aromas of plum and cedar, which give way to a smooth acidity and velvety mouth-feel. It is a must-have blend for coffee lovers!

Tasting notes: Bold and smooth with notes of vanilla bean, fresh cedar, and oaky bourbon.

Organic coffee is a great alternative to regular coffee, conventional coffee is among the most heavily chemically treated foods in the world, just think of the impact this has on both you and the environment. Local farmers are also affected by the toxic chemicals. 

Organic coffee contains no synthetic fertilisers or chemicals during the growing or production stages. The beans are also richer in healthful antioxidants a win win situation for your health and the health of the environment!