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How easy is it to sell your arts and creations? According to Simon, one of the people behind Wraptious, getting noticed and valued as an artist is no easy task. That's why Wraptious was launched in 2013 after Simon experienced first-hand the challenges of promoting products as an artist. 

Wraptious is an ever-growing community of artists who want to share their work and be paid fairly for each order. The brand directly champions over 50 artists and supports many, many more through collaboration to create meaningful, sustainable, and cool designs that pack a punch. 

Dedicated to making an eco-friendly difference, Wraptious take their sustainability responsibility seriously. They partner with Trees for the Future to plant 3 trees for each purchase. They also use FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) or fully recycled materials for all paper and timber products. The brand makes a conscious effort to use sustainable packaging and reduce single plastic use across their business. 

 Whether you are looking for a cool gift for a friend or a unique design for your interior, there is definitely something that will catch your eye among the Wraptious collection of artists. From a colourful woodland canvas to a cheeky tea mug, it is a place of wonders for those who seek to inject some new creativity and beauty into their lives. Not sure where to start? We strongly recommend taking a close look at their splatter animal canvas, which could become a bright and happy focal point in your bedroom or home office. 

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