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Wild & stone


Kat's passion for sustainable living began with motherhood. When she found herself falling into the trap of plastic consumption to supply everyday products for her family, she realised something had to change. Despite looking for eco-friendly designs, Kat rapidly discovered her options were limited. 

Wild & Stone was born from her desire to find sustainably produced everyday items that are beautiful and respectful of the environment. As a mother, she wanted to ban unnecessary materials from her household and focus on simple, zero-waste processes. 

The brand is the epitome of simple elegance. Those familiar with Marie Kondo theory for items that spark joy will appreciate the "less is more" approach taken by Wild & Stone. From plastic-free baby weaning spoons to gorgeous dish cloths, Wild & Stone makes green living accessible for busy parents. Whether you are looking for a unique present for new parents or a fun-looking toothbrush for your toddler, the brand is about to become your go-to shop for every household needs. 

It's fair to say that Wild & Stone take their sustainable and ethical commitment seriously. With the long-term aim to create zero-waste manufacturing processes, the brand puts every effort into sourcing transparency and ethical processes at every step of the production chain, from supply to shipping. The majority of items are made from bamboo, which is naturally anti-bacterial and fast-growing for enhanced sustainability. All fabric used is organic cotton and OEKO-TEX certified. Additionally, both the product and the packaging it comes in are fully recycled and recyclable to lower the brand's environmental impact. 

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