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Up Circle

Up Circle was founded by brother and sister, William and Anna Brightman. The brand specialise in creating natural, vegan and organic skincare and beauty products. 

These products are also made from up-cycled ingredients that have been rescued from big industries such as the food industry. A third of all food produced gets wasted, this is a shocking statistic. Up Circle are doing an amazing job at trying to reduce this and give the food items a new source of life. 

The packaging is 99% plastic-free and they offer plastic-free refill options for the 1%. All of the marketing materials are made from recycled coffee cups and the tape is paper - which has been made from recycled fibres.

Up Circle have also been featured in press releases from the following companies: Forbes, The Times, Evening Standard, Stylist, HELLO!, Daily Mail, Glamour and Financial Times. 

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