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How Much Do You Know About The Stag?

How Much Do You Know About The Stag?

A stag is a large male deer, you probably know that… but how much do you know about deer? A male deer is called a buck, it’s only the largest ones that are called stags. Whereas a female is a doe or a hind. Deer seem to be very versatile animals! We were surprised to learn they are strong swimmers and can jump up to 10ft in the air. On top of that they have 310 degree vision (versus human’s 180 degrees) and great night vision. 

Deer are beautiful animals, especially stags as they can often be found posing dramatically against a gorgeous backdrop (see below). Suusco stocks many of Wraptious’ stag products that capture this beauty, such as this splatter print or this vegan suede

 Perhaps the most surprising fact is that their antlers fall off and regrow every single year! The antlers themselves are covered in tissue called ‘velvet’ which is rich in nerves and blood vessels, this means the antlers of a deer grow faster than any other tissue on the planet. A deer can weigh up to 700kg so imagine how big those antlers would be! 

Many species of deer, such as the 630 Red and Fallow deer that live in Richmond Park in London, live in woodland environments. This makes the Wraptious partnership with trees for the future and Suusco planting a tree for every order especially relevant to these products. If you order any of the fabulous stag products you will be supporting the woodland habitat. 

I hope you’ve learned something new and interesting, don’t forget to shop our range of Wraptious stag products such as this mystic stag print or this Stirling stag print. 

A final fun fact: deer have four chambers in their stomach to allow them to digest.

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