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How Much Do You Know About Highland Cows?

How Much Do You Know About Highland Cows?

I love Highland cows, I grew up with a stuffed toy of a highland cow that sat by my bed so I’m particularly fond of them. I recently took a trip up to Edinburgh and there was highland cow merch everywhere, from mugs to key rings to tea towels- I even picked up a lovely t-shirt! Anyway, less about me and more about the cows!

The Highland Cow is one of the most featured animals in Wraptious products, from this gorgeous Splatter Highland Cow Print to this Rustic Bonnie Highland Cow Print. But how much do you know about the majestic highland cow? These cows are recognisable by their horns and distinctive long, wavy woolly coats. Their coats are so long that their eyes are covered. This ‘fringe’ piece is called a dossan; it is displayed beautifully in the Harris Highland Cow Canvas by Sue Gardner. This breed goes way back- originating in the highlands (surprise surprise!) and outer Hebrides as early as the 6th century! This makes them the oldest registered breed of cattle in the world. 

Quickfire Facts: 

  • They can weigh up to 800kg 
  • They are locally known as ‘hairy coos’
  • They are very docile animals, known to enjoy human company 

You can fill your home with fabulous artwork of the highland cow with products from Wraptious, such as this cushion, this mug or this print. Wraptious are one of the first brands we worked with as a company and we absolutely love their stuff. What makes Wraptious special isn’t just their gorgeous, high quality products but also their commitment to being environmentally friendly. Wraptious ships directly to you, cutting out the middleman and reducing the amount of carbon heavy journeys your product makes. All paper and timber they use is FSC certified and they have replaced their plastic packing elements such as bubble wrap with recyclable alternatives, saving half a tonne of plastic a year. 

Aside from their incredible environmental credentials Wraptious also champions over 50 artists directly through their twice yearly art competitions. If that wasn’t enough they also have a partnership with Trees for the Future and have been responsible for the planting of over 87,000 trees so far!

Whether this is your introduction the highland cow or they were already your favourite animal, we hope you love these products as much as we moo- I mean do! 

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