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Easy Eco-Friendly Swaps You Should Try In 2021

Easy Eco-Friendly Swaps You Should Try In 2021

If you’re looking at starting your journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle there a few swaps you will need to make. Starting small and switching up some of your everyday items for eco-friendly alternatives, is a great way to help the environment. 

Easy eco-friendly swaps

Reusable face masks

The pandemic has caused a new threat to our environment - this is due to the amount of throwaway face masks now being used. According to Retask The Mask, “129 billion single-use facemasks are thrown away every month. With an estimated 1.5 billion entering the oceans last year.” 

A reusable face mask is a great alternative to a disposable one which contains single-use plastics. It will also save you some money over time!

Reusable food wraps and lunch bags/boxes

Single-use food wraps including cling film are very damaging to the environment. They are difficult to recycle, take years to decompose, are very harmful when heated and usually contain chemicals.

Ditch the harmful food wraps that end up in our landfill sites and use a reusable alternative. We have a variety of reusable food wraps, lunch bags and lunch boxes that you can opt for.


Compostable coffee pods

The coffee industry is growing at a significant rate, alongside this comes the waste. Did you know, Coffee pods can take at least 150 years to decompose? 

Don’t worry - you don’t have to ditch coffee altogether! Instead, switch it up and go for compostable coffee pods that are not damaging. These coffee pods from Coffee and Kin are one of our favourites!


These are just a few of the endless amounts of swaps you could make. Follow us on Instagram @suuscoltd for more!

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