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Community litter picking in Kent

Covid-19 has no doubt impacted all of our lifestyles differently. There have undeniably been lots of negative changes that have been devastating and affected lots of people. However, even through the tragedy, many of us got to spend more time with family and made the most of the little things in life, including long walks in nature.

Since these lockdowns there has sadly been a huge surge in the amount of litter and general rubbish in Bexley’s local parks, rivers and streets, you may have noticed this on your walks! 

lots of colourful rubbish bags full of litter placed by green bin with trees behind

You may be thinking, why has there been an increase in waste when many of us have just started to appreciate our surroundings? Well, this is due to the fact that many local household waste and recycling centres were closed for long periods of time during the pandemic. There was also a huge rise in the amount of people wanting to dispose of their unwanted items. The staff at the centres were unable to maintain social distancing rules and stay safe whilst staying open for the public. So, instead, they were advised to lock their gates and turn cars away.

Inevitably, as time went on, the demand to dispose of waste grew and many people resulted in fly tipping… fly tipping is not only unsightly but also a hazard to local communities. 

people collecting rubbish in bag with gloves on litter picking

Many people have the attitude of ‘I didnt drop it therefore, I’m not going to pick it up’ unfortunately, this mentality has a negative effect on the environment as the rubbish contributes to pollution. The solution? We work together to pick it up! We challenge you to get involved with a community litter pick to eliminate litter and end waste… The more people that step up and get involved, the more positive impact we can have on our local community.

Want to take part in litter picking but worried the event will take place whilst you're busy at work or dropping the kids to school? Worry no more, the best part about this is you can do it in your spare time.

How do I get involved in a local community litter pick?

Getting involved is easy, simply send an email over to communitylitterpickers@bexley.gov.uk - they will give you any other additional information you may require. 

Make sure you take some photos and post them on social media to encourage family and friends to also take part!



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